Items to Include in Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby showers are great get-togethers that share special times with the soon-to-be mom while also showering her and the baby with gifts they’ll need in the coming months. There’s no question, moms need a lot of things to take care of their baby, and you can certainly provide a great deal of help with any item that you offer at the shower. However, bringing a shower gift basket can be the perfect gift that includes a range of items that mom will need.

For Boys and Girls

Gift baskets for the baby shower allow you to give mom-to-be an assortment of items that she will need, all bundled up neatly together and presented in an attractive basket or container. Baskets can be created with individual items of your choosing or purchased already complete with goodies. There are many types of baskets you can purchase or create, including those with play time, bath time, feeding time and more. And, baskets are perfect for both boys and girls.

Choosing Baby’s Gifts

In a gift basket, the possibilities of what can be included are nearly endless. You could find (or even create) a basket filled with diapers, wipes, baby powder, wash clothes, baby towels, lotion, shampoo, soap and similar items for a baby bath time gift basket. You can create a basket that offers soft books, rattlers, and toys for play time fun. You can even create a newborn clothing basket and fill it to the brim with onesies, socks, booties and outfits of your choosing. No matter what you have in mind, you can design a gift basket for the baby shower.

Gift baskets are truly one of the best gifts to bring to a shower. The new mom can get more of the things she needs, while you bring a gift that is suitable to your budget and close to your heart. Expect to spend between $20 and $200 for a great basket, depending upon the items that you would like inside. For an even more special touch to the gift, be sure that you add in a nice gift for mom as well, such as a new mom’s journal, a beautiful photo album, or a pregnancy journal.

One thing is for sure, and that is that mom-to-be will greatly appreciate this unique shower gift basket. It is a very special gift that all new moms can use, and something that will put a smile on your face to give.

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