How to Do Self Study CPE: Not for the Easily Distracted

Self study CPE is a great way to learn and get your required credits, but most people don’t really know how to do self-instruction well and may wind up taking more time than a regular and more traditional program would offer. However, there are many great tips available that can help you earn your continuing professional education through self study.


The best way to handle self study for your CPE is to set specific goals for yourself that are attainable. Many people feel better writing these goals down on a piece of paper so they can cross them off when they finish them. It makes them feel a sense of accomplishment.

Examples of good small goals can include finishing a chapter every other day or having a chapter completed in a week. When considering these goals, it is important to take into consideration your lifestyle and other commitments. Work, family, sleep and leisure time should all be considered, so that you aren’t hurrying at the end of the day or week to complete your goal. You should also set aside time for mental breaks so that you don’t overstress. Life is hectic enough and adding more stress isn’t a good way to study.


You should set aside some time to review what you learn each day. It is best to go over notes, reread a chapter or practice the skill you are learning so that you retain more of the information. If your family doesn’t mind, consider talking to them and explaining what you just learned in terms they can understand. It will help them feel closer to you and you will retain more information than if you just read a chapter and went to bed.

Frequent and Short Sessions

Sitting and reading for a long period doesn’t work for most people, though there are exceptions. Consider reading a section at a time and then taking a short break so that the monotony is broken up.

Prepare Environments

Before studying, you should make sure you have a quiet place to work and have the materials you need. This can include pen and paper for note-taking or having good lighting at your desk for reading. You should also make sure your work area is clean and free of clutter. Most people find it difficult to concentrate when their work area is a mess, and you don’t want to be worrying about cleaning while trying to study.

Self study CPE is very popular, though it may not work for everyone. Practicing the above tips and going to CPE Think are two great ways to start studying online.