How God helps keep Marriages Together

It takes patience, love and the ability to communicate in order for marriages to last. The role of marriage has changed in the modern world without a need, but a desire for couples to be together. This makes it easier to walk away from each other if things do not go as planned, but also means the love that drew you together to begin with may also be much stronger.

The role of the wife has changed drastically, progressively seeing her becoming more and more independent since the late 1960’s. Both husbands and wives are spending more time away from home and more time working. Professionals are focused on career and may even travel more often. This has led to more extra marital affairs in women where affairs were once predominantly male. As well couples are spending less of their leisure time together. All of these factors take focus off of each other and onto other things which can put stress on a relationship. Faith in God can help strengthen faith in each other and help keep bonds stronger.

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for many years it is never too late to strengthen your connection. Using prayer is a wonderful way to keep yourselves focused on each other without taking away from your individual needs. It is possible for couples to have a career, friends and outside interests and still maintain a strong bond. Finding time together each day is very important and couples who take time to pray together as well as for each other can help keep your love strong. A marriage that is full of love and sees the importance of his role in their lives can be made stronger thanks to God’s love and blessings on your relationship.

In times of struggle praying together will help you face issues head on instead of each of you feeling alone and unable to depend on one another. Remembering you have chosen to make life’s journey together is an important aspect of staying together. Biblical Prophecy in the News can offer interesting discussions to keep you in communication with each other as well as on top of your Christian faith. Scheduling time for some one on one time is also important to remain connected, intimate and focused on your relationship.