Find Custom Jewelry

Many customers visit their jewelry dealer store in Grandview OH with a very traditional piece in mind, usually for formal affairs such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. However, many customers shop with a less specific goal in mind. Perhaps they have stopped by their jewelry dealer store in Grandview OH on a whim, thinking how much they appreciate somebody and how much that person would enjoy a piece of jewelry. These kinds of shoppers often like to visit jewelry stores often, and are looking for something unique and different for their sweetie’s or loved ones on each visit. Oftentimes, the best choice for these customers can be a piece of custom jewelry.

Many people know from commercials and advertisements that a jewelry dealer store in Grandview OH will often offer branded jewelry, which is jewelry that has come from a particular supplier and has a reputation for quality. However, not as many people know that jewelry, like clothes, have famous individual designers, sought after for their unique and beautiful designs. Choosing designer jewelry may give just the kind of impact for a present that you desire.

However, superstar designers can command a very high price for their work. If your budget cannot accommodate the highest-end designers, there are many other custom choices available. Some are from up-and-coming designers, others from distributors that are not yet established in the jewelry world. Consider these the “starving artists” of the fine jewelry industry.

The jewelry business is a very competitive industry. Many times your jewelry dealer store in Grandview OH will be able to accommodate you if your request a special piece.

There are some things to watch for as you purchase custom jewelry. Although you will be able to evaluate whether the piece you are considering is truly beautiful and unique, there is a functional aspect to the jewelry as well. For example, a gemstone ring actually has two components: the gem and the setting. The setting has an important purpose which is sometimes overlooked: it is responsible to keep the gem mounted and safe. For diamonds and very expensive gems, the setting is often insured in case the mounting prongs are defective and the gem is lost. Custom jewelry may not have this guarantee. Designing a setting which is both beautiful and sturdy, and has the proper metallic composition to be reliable can be complex. Some consider it best to leave this to experienced designers, which may or may not include your custom designer.