Cross marks the spot

It is common knowledge that crosses are religious symbols that represent the supposed death of Jesus Christ. Many Christians worldwide believe that Jesus was crucified and the cross is a religious sign that depicts their faith. It is unclear when the first cross was manufactured to symbolize faith, but it did very quickly become a part of the church’s identity. Crosses are often seen on graves to mark a spot where a person is buried, on the spire or roof of a church to signify they type of establishment it is or as a way of showing faith. Cross diamond rings are common sights on many people of faith, be they made from gold, silver, platinum, white gold or stainless steel.

Diamonds are known as the ‘unbreakable’ stone because they are literally the toughest form of carbon rock in the world. When cut and polished, diamonds are more precious than anything and it is commonly known that the world’s largest diamond—the Cullinan diamond—was originally the largest diamond, but was processed into nine large diamonds and ninety-six smaller ones. However, the crown goes to what was perceived as one of the ugliest stones in the world until they weighed it in at 545.67 carats. It was named the ‘unnamed brown’ until the King of Thailand, during his fiftieth year of reign, named it the Golden Jubilee. One of the world’s most famous diamonds, however, has to be the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which was originally a massive 793 carats before it was cut.

The Fascination of Diamonds

It is possible that diamonds will always be a source of fascination to millions, especially those with the money and expertize to appreciate them. However, diamonds are more accessible than most people think these days and they are not as expensive as one would believe. Essentially, diamonds can be tiny pinhead sized items that look like a shard of broken glass, but they are still worth something to many.

Normally diamonds are clear, but there are some that are strangely colored and may have a blue appearance when held up to some light. Others might have a slightly brown appearance and others might have a red hue or green. Because of their high optical dispersion they can scatter light fragments and colors across a room when hit by natural sunlight.

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