Creating the Right Centerpiece for Your Wedding

When it comes to the decorations for the wedding a great way to fix up the table is to use bottles of wine decorated with wedding wine labels. These labels can be made to match the colors and theme of the wedding with a special message included from the bride and groom. You can use confetti on the table top for added decoration. On the bottles, you can decorate them with ribbons, bows or fringe that is metallic.

Add Flair to a Wedding Easily

This is a really stress free way to add a little bit of elegance to the wedding reception. Wedding wine labels really do add a certain personalization to the bottles of wine that is unforgettable. You can use them for the centerpiece on the table. You can also use mini-bottles on the table with unique labels that the guest can take home as favors.

Something else to add to your centerpiece of wedding wine labels on the wine bottle is flowers. Traditionally flowers are always used in the wedding and the reception. Flowers really do brighten the atmosphere in the room. With the wine and flowers in combination, you will be able to add a hint of romance to your special event, and it is very cost effect, as well. A great flower to consider is the Peony because it not only looks great, it is a large flower which means you will not have to have as many on each table. If you are going for a certain color them, then contact your florist because many times they flowers can be dyed to match.

Another great addition to the table to help set the mood is to add some cheese and crackers to the table. Cheese goes really great with wine. Guests will love having something to snack on while they visit and enjoy the wine selections you have chosen. With the personalized wine labels, it will definitely be a conversation starter for people who do not know each other that well. Your guest will love the special touch and creativity that the wine bottles add to your event. You can find many ways to do it yourself or you can order them at a specialty store and have the labels printed out for you.