Consider Cheyenne Cigars for Great Flavor

There are actually many people who prefer the Cheyenne brand of cigars because they offer many great products, including little cigars, regular size cigars and tobacco. The small cigar options come 20 to a pack and are very affordable so that everyone who enjoys the small cigar can have one. Whether you are a picky cigar aficionado or new to the cigar-smoking craze, you will love the flavor options and filter options of the Cheyenne brand.

Flavor Options

While most will prefer a regular or menthol option, there are many great flavors available through the Cheyenne brand. For example, they offer full flavor and gold varieties, which are non-flavored options that are more similar to normal cigars and cigarettes. They also offer berry, cherry, classic, grape, peach, vanilla and sweet tip. If you prefer something a little sweeter, but don’t necessarily want the aroma of the flavor, consider the sweet tip.

Though most states have made it illegal to smoke indoors, there are still many areas in which you can enjoy your flavors and scents. For example, outside of any building, in your home, vehicle and anywhere else where smoking is permitted, you may find that these small cigars are the perfect amount of tobacco and flavor for you.

For those that want a light and relaxing scent, they may want to consider the vanilla cigars, as it offers a pleasant smell and may even be preferred among those that do not smoke. While most people cannot stand the smell of tobacco, light scent of cherry or vanilla is usually appealing to anyone.


Though Cheyenne typically offers cigars, they also offer pipe tobacco and little cigars. They not only provide a quality smoke, but they ensure that their products are affordable to the masses, so that no matter what your income, you will likely be able to afford these small treasures. Once you try Cheyenne cigars, you will likely find it is your favorite brand because it is smooth, burns evenly, tastes great and is inexpensive.

Ways to Enjoy

Though the way you enjoy your cigars is up to you, you may want to consider using the classic or full flavor options during the day, while switching to the cherry flavor when with friends and smoking the vanilla options at home, relaxing on the couch or in your study.