Composite Safety Toe Shoes vs Steel Shoes

In the past, safety toe shoes had to use steel in order to provide the necessary protection.  Today however, technology has made it so that other sturdy materials can be used in its stead.  These include carbon fiber, plastic or Kevlar.  They have been designed to be used in places where metal detectors are in use such as nuclear plants, airports and the link.  Even though they provide excellent protection they are non-metallic. One of the other benefits of these shoes is the fact that they are not as heavy as those that have steel in them.

The materials that have been used to replace steel are much lighter.  In fact, the shoes are approximately thirty percent lighter than shoes made with steel.  They fall within the standards that have been laid out for protective and safety gear and in fact provide protection from electric shocks because they have attributes that are non-magnetic and other hazards linked to the workplace.  Another thing they do is provide sufficient protection especially from cold and heat which means that they are ideal for people who may be working in temperatures considered extreme.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has set guidelines for safety wear for workers who work in an environment that is considered dangerous.  This includes an environment where the workers feet may be at risk from electric shocks, falling objects or even rolling objects.  Such people include welders, construction workers, warehouse workers, electricians and others. These composite Safety toe shoes are designed for both women and men and are a lightweight option for those who find regular safety shoes heavy, uncomfortable and bulky.  When shopping for these shoes look for the symbol that shows that they are composite safety toe boots or shoes.  When you see this symbol it will mean that they meet the recommended safety standards.

Those who are not sure whether to go with the composite shoe or the steel shoes only need to look at the environment they work in to make a decision.  If you are not working in an environment that has metal detectors in it then the steel toe shoes are an option.  The pricing difference between the two is not so big so what you should consider more than money is the comfort and the ease you will get from the shoe.  It is therefore in your best interest to look at the various styles available, pricing as well as what has come in the market lately.  If you are shopping online you may want to read some reviews and then get a pair that fits right.

Safety toe shoes can come made of steel or made from other composite materials that tend to be more lightweight but offer the same protection and comfort.