Collectibles and antiques: An overview

Collectibles and antiquesCollectors will collect anything which catches their fancy. They may be teacups, book, coins and currency etc. The list is unending. All that you require is a motivation and a desire to acquire your objects of fancy. And of course, a sizable budget, because having a passion for collectibles and antiques does not come cheap.

Collectors can be described as casual or serious. Serious collectors are veterans who know about collectibles and antiques. They can turn their expensive hobby into a source of income. Casual collectors follow their passion. They collect objects which they desire just because they love doing so.

Choosing what objects to collect are based entirely on a persons personal preferences. However chalked below is an unofficial list of the most popular collectibles and antiques.

Comic books

Comics books are the most sought after collectibles. As it is with antiques, the rarer and ancient the book, the higher will be its value. Comic books have to be taken care of, Old comic books are prone to degradation if they are exposed to too much humidity or extreme heat. Finding an old comic book is fairly common, however finding a first edition, signed comic book is worth its weight in gold.


Another favorite for collectors is coins. There are many types of coins one can dabble in. One can go for coins of a certain value of a single country, or can gather coins from various countries.

Collecting coins are a relatively inexpensive hobby and anyone can start off with it. However you do have to have an extensive knowledge in the art of coins collecting and also have a keen eye. Older the coin, the more valuable it is.

Treasuring various collectibles and antiques is a passion and hobby for many. They just love to spend their leisure time in looking for different kinds of collectibles and antiques and add features to their collection.