Buying a Mattress Set: Chicago Mattress Experts Offer Advice

It’s finally time to purchase a new mattress set. Perhaps you’re sick of the lumps and bumps in your old mattress. Or maybe you need a new bed for your new living space. Either way, there are a number of considerations to make before you can select a mattress set. Chicago mattress suppliers offer a wide range of mattress types, from traditional innerspring mattresses to advanced foam mattresses for a boost in comfort. Consider this advice when purchasing a new mattress to get a great night’s rest every night.

Innerspring Mattresses
Innerspring, or “coil” mattresses, provide the support of a spring core with a comfort layer. The comfort layer of a mattress is generally made up of a number of materials, such as memory foam or latex foam. Innerspring mattresses can be found in all sizes and with additional features, such as pillow-tops. These traditional mattresses offer a host of benefits, including a wide range of firmness options, affordability and a high level of comfort.

Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory foam mattresses have become a popular option for sleepers who want an alternative to traditional innerspring mattresses. These mattresses typically consist of a visco-elastic core instead of innerspring coils to give the bed both comfort and support. Memory foam is ideal for relieving painful pressure points as the foam wraps around your body and distributes your weight. There are several key benefits to selecting memory foam, including a custom fit for your body, reduced motion due to the foam top and reduced pressure points as the bed helps to align your neck and spine.

Latex Foam Mattresses
If you prefer something a little different than an innerspring or memory foam mattress, consider latex foam. This type of mattress has a central core that is made from latex foam, which offers unmatched comfort and support. The foam contours to your body, relieving all pressure points. Latex foam is hypoallergenic, meaning naturally mildew-proof and dust-mite resistant. The material is also breathable to allow adequate airflow.

Mattress and Box Spring
Shopping for a mattress set in Chicago? Chicago mattress retailers offer both quality mattresses and box springs. Having a box spring to go with your mattress is vital, as the box spring helps provide the extra support your body needs for alignment and comfort. Without a box spring, the mattress can show wear and tear more quickly and will need to be replaced sooner. Consider these tips when purchasing a new mattress set.