Black Diamond Rings – Why Are They So Popular?

Black diamond rings have become quite popular in the fashion industry. They are getting a lot of attention of the diamond jewelry enthusiasts. A black diamond ring is eye catching even without the sparkle of the white diamonds but if you mix it up, for example center large black diamond ring and around it smaller white diamonds it will look really unique and classy. Now that entertainers and Hollywood stars can be seen wearing them on the runway and at the award ceremonies their popularity is growing quickly.

What makes the Black Diamond Different?

The most common name for the black diamond is carbonado. It is one of the toughest natural diamonds found in Brazil and Central Africa. Its natural black or dark grey color absorbs light instead of refracting it. Therefore it does not have the typical diamond sparkle but appears to be opaque. The natural white diamond can also be treated with heat or irradiation to become a black diamond. This process will turn the diamond to a very dark color that will appear black. Another difference is the crystal structure. It is the white diamonds crystal structure that lets the light in and gives it brilliance. It is the large number of crystals tightly packed together that give the black diamond its’ color. The black diamond has a polycrystalline structure and cannot be cut to let any light in. This is what makes them different, uncommon and  exotic.

Why so Popular?

Black diamonds are a new trend. Although they do not sparkle the way the traditional white diamonds do, they add stunning contrast to almost any style of jewelry. Black diamond rings are to jewelry what a black dress is to a wardrobe. It can dress up an outfit or it can dress down an outfit. It can take one outfit and make it more versatile. It also gives the white diamonds a look of elegance without the high cost. As their popularity grows, more and more options will be available for the use of the black diamonds and black diamond rings.

The Cost and Quality

The cost of the black diamond depends more on the marketing than the diamond itself. The heat treatment that is applied to the natural diamond does not change the durability of the diamond. Therefore it is just as strong as a white diamond. This makes it valuable. The fact that the treatment changes the color of the natural diamond makes it less valuable. However, because the black diamond is porous it is harder to polish and to cut. This results in a diamond that may have nicks or blemishes in the surface. What you want to look for when buying a black diamond is a smooth, polished surface. This will add value to the diamond.

Buying a black diamond ring comes down to personal choice. Wearing a black diamond ring takes you to a different level on the popularity charts.