Baby Shower Gifts That Rock (The Heart)

When you walk into a baby shower with a toddler sized rocker, the “oohs and aahs” are heartwarming. There will be plenty of additional appreciative sounds if the little rocker is personalized with the baby’s name. These types of gifts can rock the heart with love and joy because they represent a vision of a growing child. Let’s face it, newborns do not stay “new” for very long and are soon crawling and climbing. As you deliver a personalized baby gift like a rocking chair, get ready for the expecting mother to start talking about her baby’s future.

Personalized baby gifts are the most appreciated gifts because they have sentimental value. How many homes have small rockers sitting in corners just waiting for grandchildren? However, there are many types of gifts that can be stamped or painted with the child’s name, birth weight, or birth date. Each one of the items then becomes a keepsake because it belongs only to the baby and to no one else.

Well-Loved Now or a Keepsake Later

For many people, personalized baby gifts are their first real world possessions. They can be placed into two broad categories. The first one is those that may or may not survive the infancy to toddler years to become a keepsake. These items include personalized baby blankets, bibs and burp cloths. When the baby blanket becomes the lovie, there is a good chance only a scrap will remain by the time the baby is two years old. That simply means the blanket was well-loved through the first years of life.

Other gifts that are personalized with the baby’s name or other information are designed to be more enduring. A small Limoges porcelain box with solid brass hinges and customized with the baby’s initials, weight, length and date of birth is a keepsake that will be passed from generation to generation. The same is true of the Reed & Barton sterling silver tooth fairy box engraved with an initial or a Swarovski crystal baby bracelet with engraving. These types of items become treasured heirlooms.

Rest of the Family

You can also buy gifts for young siblings or the mother. The pink keepsake bracelet can be given to a toddler sister so she participates in the joy of having a new sister. A crystal bracelet for mom that matches the baby’s bracelet makes a stunning keepsake gift that will move a mother’s heart and bring tears of happiness.

Personalized baby gifts can rock a mother’s heart in so many ways. They can be practical gifts that will be used on a daily basis, like baby plates and flatware or bibs and bodysuits, or collectible gifts like bracelets or picture frames. You can give gifts to the infant, the toddler, the brother or sister, or to mom. And don’t forget dad. He can get a personalized gift like a picture frame with the child’s picture that c the toys selected should be high quality and age appropriate an hang in his office or sit on his desk. The one thing all these gifts have in common is that they express love, joy and happiness, and that is exactly what they should do.

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